It’s A Zoo Out There: Pets, Service Animals And Emotional Support Animals

Pets bring companionship and joy into the lives of millions of Americans, and many landlords have found it is good business to allow pets on their rental properties. Since it can be difficult to rent with a pet, pet owners will often be very appreciative and very respectful of your property and rules so that they can remain there.

Most landlords who allow pets establish rules for the number and size of pets. Rules requiring leashes on the property and picking up after dogs are near universal. Breed restrictions are losing favor, being replaced with proof of training or good temperament. It is also common for increased deposits to cover pet damage and/or renter’s insurance that includes losses caused by a renter’s pet.

While many landlords have found allowing pets to be an effective marketing tool and a profitable business strategy, many others, fearful of damage or liability caused by residents’ pets, choose to make their properties pet-free.